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Chennai Turns pink

Chennai Turns Pink is a non-profit organization dedicated to destigmatising and raising awareness for breast cancer along with advocating for early detection and free treatment for underprivileged women.

GBR TMT, in partnership with Billroth Hospital, organised a joint pilot project in October, which is also Breast Cancer Awareness month. The honourable Chief Minister M K Stalin inaugurated the flagged project on October 16, 2021, while the health minister Mr. M. Subramanian expressed his appreciation on social media.

Ultrasound mammography was installed for the first time in Chennai and tests were held across the city from 8 am to 6 pm, for the duration of October. Screenings that were normally priced at Rs. 1000 were done free of cost.

GBR TMT continues to support such causes which facilitate social change.

Project Swaasa was conceived by an association of like-minded entrepreneurs of the Steel Industry who leased an Oxygen plant. The plant has been completely overhauled to the extent that it has the potential to supply 4000 kg or 600 Cylinders of oxygen per day. This is a contingency initiative that was developed to augment the government’s resources and help combat a potential rise of Covid-19 cases in the future.

GBR TMT is proud to be associated with Project Swaasa.