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Ungal Kanavu illathirkaana Varam

A house isn’t just bricks and cement, it’s the place where a family makes its memories and builds happiness. When it comes to your dream home that you wish lasts for generations, you can trust GBR TMT. This was the thought behind this campaign – GBR TMT


At GBR TMT we don’t build homes for just one generation. Homes built with our TMT bars are built to last for generations to come. As families grow, they are strong enough to support future generations’ hopes and dreams as well. The next generation can continue to build on the foundation of their parents’ home. This was the thought behind our current campaign – GBR TMT ‘Build for generations – Thalaimuraigalai thaangum tharam’


It’s the cricket season and what better way to show GBR’s prowess than by keeping it relevant to the times. GBR TMT is a product made from the highest quality steel and put through testing conditions to measure its efficiency. The ad campaign talks about the fact that GBR TMT is a “not out” TMT under any condition – a testament to its strength and ease of use.


The idea for the last campaign focused on how different people – from the dealer to the architect to the owner – had different worries while building a house. But the one assurance they all have is the quality of the TMT bars. With GBR TMT, they can rest assured that all their different wants are met, be it superior customer service, good bendability or a secure foundation for the future making GBR TMT everybody’ s preference.